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VAT Consultancy Services in Dubai

Be VAT Ready,Manage your VAT requirement in the most efficient Way!

VAT in UAE!  VAT starts from 1st January, 2018  , the first and biggest tax regime to be introduced by the government in the GCC.A value added tax (VAT) is a consumption placed tax added to a product's sales price. It represents a tax on the "value added" to the product throughout its production till sales of point process. Hussain and Jujar Accounting services  is a Dubai based  Company focusing on Value Added Tax (VAT) and the implementation thereof in the GCC. We are prepared to guide all Business in UAE,Tax Consultation Services in Dubai and the GCC through the difficulty of implementation and the day to day management of all VAT Consultancy Services in Dubai and VAT related matters for business. Our professional team has decades of experience in handling with VAT and Tax related matters from various business sectors situated in Dubai main land or Free Zone Company. Hussain and Jujar Accounting Services are capable to give out very cost effective, reliable and professional TAX Accounting advice and support to ensure proper VAT management and compliance as per The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) guidelines and UAE VAT law


Services We offer:

VAT Registration: Hussain and Jujar Accounting Services can provide the Tax Consultation Services in Dubai to facilitate the entire registration process to get Tax Registration Number (TRN) and Tax identification number (TIN) for group registration that compliance minimum threshold hold  limit  obligations under the UAE VAT law.

Accounting System for VAT: Hussain and Jujar Accounting Services are specializes in setting up of books of accounts as per International accounting standard that can help our clients to have proper Book keeping and accounting system in order to maintain proper tax record that may required for VAT Filing, VAT Refund request or for the Tax Audit.


Also proper accounting systems gives clear and transparent reports for the transaction and record that may required to any concern authority department or for internal and external Audit

Vat Return File ServicesAs per The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) TRN certificate some companies are required to file every month and others quarterly. We at Hussain and Jujar Accounting services providing monthly and quarterly VAT return file services in deira Dubai ensuring timely and accurate filing

VAT De-Registration: Incase of  your business close down ,liquidated or merger with groups it may required to cancel your Tax registration number (TRN). Hussain and Jujar Accounting services can help you to provide Audit reports in order to present to the The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) or economic department , free zone authority or any other concern department for the De registration process.

VAT Refund: Hussain and Jujar Accouting services can provide assistance in submitting refund claim to the The Federal Tax Authority (FTA).